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In 2011, I opened a law practice in my hometown of Alton, Illinois to counsel and represent individuals, families, and small businesses in the courtroom, at trial, and to strategically plan and protect.

I put my clients’ interests ahead of personal benefits; anything short of this principle would fail to uphold the ethics and standards of my profession.

My firm is professional, but my style is to make it comfortable and understandable for you. We deliver assertive, accessible, and responsive legal representation and promote an open channel of communication to inspire lasting professional relationships.

Unfortunately your freedom, financial security, well-being, and physical health may be threatened. During these times, and most other times, you have real access to me. My Legal Secretary is always available to talk as well as to schedule appointments at your convenience.

I am passionate about serving you and invite you to call me to address questions, concerns, legal issues, and potential cases. My firm offers and provides flexible business hours for new and existing clients.

Contact King Law Firm, LLC today at (618) 462-8405 or via email at [email protected].

Patrick G. King